Four killed and dozens feared trapped after landslide occurred in Philippines

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According to recent reports, heavy rains yesterday triggered a landslide in the central Philippines thereby killing at least 4 people. More so dozens of people are feared trapped inside the landslide. For the last six days, this string of terror incidents has been occurring across Philippines. After the incident, the rescue came to aid whereby 4 people were removed from the landslide alive after the earth loosened and boulders became weaker on the rain engulfed as it clustered homes which where near this limestone quarry located on the fringes of Naga City situated in the central island part of Cebu. Debold Sinas, regional police official yesterday told the reporter’s that the landslide which occurred buried with it about 18 to about 24 houses all of which people were trapped inside.

According to Carmelino Cruz, the city councilor during an interview the ANC news channel said that rescuers are currently in search of about 50 to 80 people. Cruz added that the ground still is shaky and Every now and then you can will hear vibrations like the ground is still under shock meaning the ground is still unstable. The weekend Heavy rains which was brought by the Super Typhoon Mangkhut was responsible for over 100 landslides most of which occurred on mountainous Cordillera region mainly on island of Luzon. According to police report, the death toll across the country was hitting 88 most of them being led by the landslides. However, an ongoing major recovery effort are underway in Itogon which is a small mining site where allegedly 21 people were buried alive mostly the miners. There bodies were found on Wednesday evening all dead.

Vhann Quisido, who was lucky to escape when a huge tide of land stopped behind his house during an interview said that he was sleeping after he heard a loud noise behind his house. He was shocked since he could hear multiple rocks hitting the walls. Lucky he got the courage to vacate from the house to a safer area. He was very traumatized by this occurrence.