French rescue ship approaches yacht of Indian sailor stranded off Australia

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According to recent reports, on Monday, Australian officials in their reports said that a French ship which is currently heading in rescue of an injured Indian sailor who was grueling round the universe race is expected at any time from now to reach the Indian sailor’s yacht which was struck and damaged off by the oceanic storms in Australia’s west coast.

Abhilash Tomy, the sailor, on Saturday, tried to reach out for emergency aid immediately after his yacht got badly damaged during the storm. According to the rescue team report, Abhilash Tomy yacht was located 3,500 km which is equivalent to 2,175 miles west of Australian coast. In addition to this the Abhilash Tomy during the reach out to emergency aid said that the storm left him with very back injuries.

According to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority responsible in the coordination of the rescue in an interview said that the authority expected the already sent French fisheries patrol boat to have located Tomy’s precariously location yacht immediately at 0700 GMT. Though due to change in tides and oceanic winds the team fell behind schedule locating the torch and Mr Abhilash Tomy.

Nevertheless, a search and rescue official, Phil Gaden, in his statement said to the reporters present in Canberra in the Australian capital that all according to their radar location system, the vessel is indicated upright and most importantly floating high but the only problem at the moment is that a heavy wave pushed one part of the damaged masts through the vessel thereby compromise the Vessels integrity.

Gaden added that, according to the rescue team, the yacht mast may be hanging over the vessel precariously and this according to the strikes fear that the yacht could be dislodged and that watertight body of the boat damage. However, despite the closeness of the French vessel, Gaden cautioned the rescuers that they may not evacuate Tomy since the yacht was badly damage. in this case another Australian naval vessel needs to be positioned further away from the location and this might help in undertaking the rescue mission.