New regulation recommendation of tech firms over fake news given by Singapore panel

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According to recent reports, on Thursday, the Singapore parliamentary committee in a statement said that the government is currently considering legislation in ensuring technology companies and firms rein in fake news (online) and that in case of perpetrators of any kind, then this will be punished. The committee in the meanwhile set up and made recommendations against fighting the deliberate ongoing online falsehoods. The committee also added that countermeasures at the moment are needed as companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google have an existing policy which generally does not act against the existence of content which is known to be fake and false.

Nevertheless, the committee until now has not at any point received any solid evidence which shows that this technology companies and firms can actually or may effectively deal with this kind of scenarios /problem with inadequate legislation. However, this was quoted by a member of the committee after the meeting. He said that this statement he quoted from a 300-page report which was written as the meeting proceeded. The committee also said that criminal sanctions must be imposed without hesitation to any perpetrators who deliberately delivers or provides false content and more so the entire online falsehoods at large. Neighboring Malaysia, however, blocked all efforts in repealing the existing law against the fake news earlier this month, the opposition senator presenting his 1st major challenge in accordance to the new government led by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. in July, Facebook’s WhatsApp platform was reported of having published an advertisement the key aiming the Indian newspapers to containing the spread of false information (misinformation). This was the 1st effort attempt by Facebook to actually fight a flurry of the spreading fake information and messages which according to Facebook after stopping the fake information said that the fake content which was spread through their WhatsApp platform prompted to mob lynchings among the uses all over India and even other parts of the world. This new legislation rules will help in rooting off the falsehood community and the entire false content provided online.